CMA introduces Vedic Mathematics the name given to the ancient system of Indian Mathematics which was rediscovered from the vedas between 1911 and 1918 by respected Late Shri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji (1884-1960). According to his research all of mathematics is based on sixteen Sutras, or word formulae. VEDIC MATHS has been a proven course to perform better in Competitive examinations. These formulae describe the way the mind naturally works and are therefore a great help in directing the student to the appropriate method of solution. In the Vedic system difficult problems or huge sums can often be solved immediately by the Vedic method. These striking and beautiful methods are just a part of a complete system of mathematics which is far more systematic than the modern system. Vedic Mathematics manifests the coherent and unified structure of mathematics and the methods are complementary, direct and easy.

Mathematics is always a practical subject if you think you can learn math which is not possible. Maths plays an important role into every human life. As mathematics accompany us throughout our lives, it is always useful to be able to solve mathematical problems easily and quickly. Vedic Maths empower us to do so, whether the beneficiary is a child or an adult, it helps both. In children, it helps in developing calculation speed, memory power, concentration and confidence. With these, every child will be able to excel in the respective field not only for the time being but for future purposes too.

In adults, as there is an ever increasing level of competitive exams there is an equal level of competitors, Vedic Maths help to develop skills to solve tough mathematical calculations easily so that the candidate can easily tackle the mathematics section and move on to the next sections, this saves a lot of time. Vedic Maths Program is the set of more than 34 Formula including Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Square , Cube, Square root, Cube Root, Fraction, Result Verification technique, Tables Making method, speed, Average and time calculation Formulas.