Olympiad Preparation


CMA helps class 1 to 10 students in understanding and preparing for various competitive examinations which are based on CBSC / ICSE school syllabus. Participating in the competitive examination from early age gives students an advantage for future. Our approach is designed in such a way that it helps students to understand the format of the question as well as make them familiar with the pattern of the examination.CMA aims to provide students with latest updates, preparation material and sample papers for Olympiad in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and Astronomy at national and international levels. These olympiads are conducted by Homi Bhabha Institute. We bring forth a most comprehensive, authoritative, and up-to-date range of study material. These are widely used by students of all classes from VI to XII. These cover the whole syllabus including each and every formula, values of constants and explanation of all the technical terms. Our materials provide the complete array of definitions of mathematical terms and concepts and also contain useful shortcut formulas.

We incorporate hands-on coaching with the top programs, designed to challenge brilliant minds. In addition, we offer support to build character, develop talents, discover passions, promote collaboration, and apply leadership to recognize each child’s unique qualities and abilities. More than a learning center, CMA is an open community to connect gifted youth from all corners—public, private, and home schools. We partner with families, teachers, school administrators and businesses to provide meaningful development opportunities for gifted youth. Like a sport, intellectual pursuit is achieved through individual excellence and team building. CMA provides a nurturing environment for gifted youth to explore, expand, and excel in their journey of learning.