Day Care


CMA also provides child-care facility that is open to babies (4 months and above), toddlers as well as young children. The campus surrounds also provide free space and lush greenery for the children to move around and learn through stimulated activities under supervision of a well-trained and experienced staff. The creche staff currently consists of teachers and full-time caregivers that look after the needs children. The mandate of CMA is to ensure that children grow in a safe and intellectually-stimulating environment.

Children entering CMA are divided into three age groups: 0 - 2 years, 2 - 6 years and 6+ years. The activities carried out in these sections are age-appropriate and take into account the different learning curves, capabilities and needs of various children. At the same time, the integrated but porous infrastructure of the different sections of CMA enable free mixing between children of diverse ages. Child care at CMA tries to take into account the individual personalities and needs of each child.Teachers also actively engage with school-going students to try and help them with homework. CMA has a regular schedule of educational and entertaining field trips and nature walks to nearby places like science museums, historical sites, botanical garden etc. During the holiday season, these activities expand into longer field trips and other creative activities to ensure that children remain engaged and happy, while allowing the parents to work at their regular schedule