About CMA

Creative Minds Academy is a one-stop solution for various needs. We provide Teacher Training and Vocational courses along with certification to make the Trainees job ready. These courses are in accordance with the current trends in the respective industries and provide greater scope of employment to the Trainees. The Teacher Training course encompasses various aspects of the Teaching profession. It is divided into three branches namely Primary Teacher’s Training Course, Nursery Teachers Training Course and Early Child Care & Education Course (ECCE). The Primary Teachers Training Course mainly revolves around the aspects of teaching students at the elementary stage, the Trainees are given special instructions and training on how to handle and teach children in this age group. They are trained on various scenarios and situations where their strenght as well as patience is tested. The Nursery Teacher’s Training involves training related to the handling of children in the nursery age group. They are trained on the techniques on how to make the children learn things faster using various methods and through games. The Early Child Care & Education Course is a course that equips the Trainees to understand / teach children of the age group of 2 ½ to 5 years most effectively.

We provide vocational job-oriented courses to help the Trainees gain varied knowledge on different subject matter and excel in their respective fields. Vocational courses include Fashion Designing, Art & Craft and Foreign Languages. The Fashion Designing course encompasses the aspects of fashion designing according to the current industry trends. The Art & Craft course involves exposure to varied art cultures and the various methods involved in making the same. This course helps the Trainees to develop the skills of crafting, which is a very good source of employment. While Fashion Designing and Art & Craft courses help in developing hand skills, the Foreign Languages course focuses on making the Trainees a linguistic person, which in turn can be of great help. Some big organizations keep searching for people with the knowledge of foreign languages and they provide employment in the bigger cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Chennai. It is here that the course on Foreign Languages comes handy.